A successful outcome from orthopaedic shoulder and arm surgery requires a multidisciplinary approach. Physiotherapy is an essential component that enables you to return to full function.

Our orthopaedic surgeons at Melbourne Arm Clinic work closely with physiotherapists, both before and after your operation, to allow you to return to work and recreational activities as quickly as possible. These rehabilitation protocols are a standardised guide to your recovery after surgery.

Each patient, the surgery and therapist is unique so variation may exist for your own post-operative pathway to recovery. Contact your Melbourne Arm Clinic surgeon or physiotherapist for queries and progress.

Early Post-operative Exercise Videos

Watch our early/simple post-operative exercises. These early movements are to be executed to start your recovery prior to seeing your physiotherapist. Please refer to your rehabilitation protocol when to book a physiotherapy appointment.

Introduction to Exercises

Shoulder Bone IconShoulder Bone Icon

Shoulder Joint

Elbow IconElbow Icon

Elbow Joint

Wrist IconWrist Icon

Wrist Joint

Hand IconHand Icon

Hand Joints

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