Depending on the time of your upper limb surgery, you will be asked to be present between 7am and 12pm. Our practice nurse will give you a confirmed time closer to the day of the operation.

You need to fast from midnight, the night before your surgery. This means nothing to eat or drink prior to your operation. However, please take any usual morning medication with a sip of water.

Some afternoon operations will mean you can have an early light breakfast. We will inform you if this is the case, otherwise please fast from midnight.
Some medications will need to be stopped prior to your operation (eg. blood thinning medications). We will inform you about this well in advance.
Please shower and wash the morning of your operation.

Please inform us if you have:

  • Any change in your medical conditions or have a new illness
  • Any cuts, scrapes or broken skin as this may mean we have to reschedule your operation

Please bring all imaging (XR/ultrasound/CT/MRI scans) with you to the hospital.

If you have any additional questions about your surgery, please contact us.

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