My Mobility

What is mymobility®?

It is a digital interactive care plan designed in the form of a mobile application. The purpose of the app is to help you prepare for joint replacement by giving you the ability to take an active role in your personal care and recovery process. It allows you to connect with your surgeon and care team through smart phone and Apple Watch® before and after surgery. The app prompts and encourages you to complete tasks assigned by your surgeon, as part of the surgeon’s care plan.

How it works

The enrolment of patients like you will be determined by healthcare providers/surgeons. Once enrolled, you will receive an email that allows you to securely set up an account, pair your devices and begin your surgical journey with the use of the app.

Through the connection between you and your surgical care team, the app allows the interactions needed to move through your personal care journey. Each day you will take an active role in optimising your results and recovery.

iPhone and Apple Watch

Key features

A customised care pathway

Through the app, your surgeon and care team are able to provide a customised care plan that will best fit your personal care and recovery process. To-do lists will let you know which activities have been assigned to you each day, and you will receive notifications periodically reminding you of the remaining items. Exercises are interactive, so you can follow along and note the level of difficulty with each exercise. Your progress will be tracked throughout your course of care by recording the number of completed repetitions.

Connect throughout your journey

Based on the designated plan, you will hear from your care team periodically throughout your surgical journey. Care plans start pre-operatively and include both pre-operative and post-operative exercises, education and questionnaires. Reminders will be sent to your smart phone and Apple Watch for you to complete the assigned activities and describe how you are progressing and feeling during the process. This offers a convenient way to complete and submit surveys on time and helps members of your surgical care team stay informed so they can track your recovery progress.

Powered by data

At the end of each exercise routine, you can view a summary screen to review your progress. With the app, tracking your level of engagement with education and questionnaires is possible. Data that tracks your progression is automatically sent to your surgeon’s dashboard, allowing your progress to be reviewed by your surgeon and care team throughout your surgical journey.


You will have direct communication with your surgeon and care team through the use of the app messaging feature that allows you to ask questions related to your health or medical condition, including your activity, care plan prognosis and surgeon’s directions. Photos may also be shared, such as a quick snapshot of your surgical incision site for healing assessment by your surgeon and care team. The team will receive progress reports and be able to monitor your progress remotely through the use of a clinician dashboard.